10 ways to earn good money in less time

Earn good money in less time
Earn good money in less time

Want a high-paying gig but not the restrictions that come with a full-time job?

You're far from alone, and there are many part-time jobs out there that offer flexibility and good pay.

We are living in what some call "The Gig Economy," where people create a living through a patchwork of part-time jobs. Sometimes this is intentional. Sometimes it's not. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the number of part-time workers for noneconomic reasons has been increasing, factoring in seasonal adjustments. Taking such a post for a noneconomic reason means they wanted to, rather than had to.

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Part-time work is classified as up to 34 hours a week, and some of these jobs pay pretty well. We scoured job sites like, and for the best part-time jobs out there.


If you can speak another language fluently, you might work as a part-time translator in places like a courtroom, a hospital, a law firm or manufacturing firm. In a June post, Flexjobs said the average translator makes $20 an hour, but some earn as much as $50. Si se puede! We're not just speaking about Spanish, though. Flexjobs has job postings seeking translators for Turkish, Somali, Punjabi and Tigrinya (that's a language in Ethiopia, but you already knew that ...).


You're bound to know some skill or subject that is of value to someone else. Put that useless knowledge to work! "Whether it's English, math, history or a second language, tutors are in demand and make good money," according to a June post by SimplyHired, which reported part-time tutors can earn $42,000 a year. In a 20-hour workweek, that's about $40/hour.

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"It's a big bonus if you can tutor the SAT." Let's see ... "part-time" is to "lifestyle" as "volleyball" is to "quinoa" (I never could master those old SAT analogies).

Freelance writer

That English lit degree actually has value. Demand for part-time writing assignments is especially high for those "who cover niche or technical subject matter," according to Flexjobs. Flexjobs said pay averages $33 an hour, though CareerCast had the average at $27. SimplyHired said total pay can hit $53,000 a year.

Dog walker

Get exercise, enjoy pets, and make money. SimplyHired reported part-time dog walkers can earn $39,000 a year. That's more than $3,000 a month. A search of Craigslist in Los Angeles uncovered dog-walking pay ranging from $15 per walk to $60 for all day.

Yoga instructor

When you're not walking dogs, you can do downward dogs and earn money. Part-time yoga instructors can make $35,000 a year, according to SimplyHired. Ohhhhmm OMG.

Management Analyst/Consultant

This has a high median hourly wage of $38.89 per hour, the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. The hiring outlook for management consultants is very strong, with the job outlook outpacing many other jobs. Market analysts earn less ($29.47 per hour) but are more likely to find work.

Adjunct professor

Those who can, work full time. Those who can't …

Here's the best part of landing a part-time gig as an instructor in higher education: You don't have to leave home. "Many colleges and universities are creating online courses and degree programs," according to Flexjobs. Just look at the way Starbucks has offered full tuition for even part-time employees through Arizona State University's online degree program. Those programs need teachers.

The average hourly wage for adjunct faculty is $37, said Flexjobs, "and top earners can make more than $70 per hour." According to, the median annual income is $31,357, but pay ranges from $15,119 to $103,954.

Computer programmer

Want to make a little money on the side as you work from your mom's garage on the next world-changing app? CareerCast said part-time tech professionals have a median hourly wage of $35.71. They are often hired for one-time projects, and the government calls "Software-as-a-service," a "growing field."

Uber or Lyft

Jump into the sharing economy! suggests you use your car to make money by becoming a driver for a ride-sharing service. Lyft claims on itswebsite that drivers can earn up to $35 an hour. It provides a calculator that lets you put in how many hours a week you'd like to work and in which city (I typed in "20 hours" for Los Angeles and was told I could make $400 a week — that's almost $21,000 a year). Uber earlier claimed a driver in New York could earn $90,000 a year, but that number came under fire for not deducting costs for gas, maintenance and insurance. Uber now says drivers can make $6 an hour more than your average taxi or limo driver.

And while you're out Ubering...

Why not rent out part of your home on Airbnb? One blogger claims he grossed on average nearly $2,300 a month renting out his apartment. Even that ol' caboose in the backyard can rent for $175 a night!