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Samsung is developing an 11K mobile display, 3D capabilities

JUNG YEON-JE | AFP | Getty Images

Samsung Display's newest endeavor is in your face, literally.

It seems like the tech giant is taking resolution to the next level after an announcement made by Samsung Display's Chu Hye Yong, the director of Base Technology regarding the company's latest project. Yong stated that the company is planning to develop the world's first 11K super-resolution display by 2018, as first reported by Korea's Electronic Times.

With a reported 11K resolution and 2,250 pixels per inch that could result in a 3D effect, the device would be the first of its kind and would have four times higher resolution than Samsung's existing quad-HD mobile displays, Engadget reports. As many as 13 domestic and foreign companies are involved in the project, named "EnKD," which began on June 1. The South Korean government is also said to be investing $26.5 million in the project over the course of five years.

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While some might find 11K resolution to be unnecessary, the technology could stand as "another leap" for the Korean display industry, Yong said at the 10th Display Field National Research Development Business General Workshop held in Korea.

Samsung did not immediately reply to a request for comment.