Uber offers $10 flat rates in Manhattan

Uber drivers suing for benefits
Uber drivers suing for benefits

Want to go across Manhattan and only pay only $10? This might help.

Car service giant Uber Technologies began to offer rides across Manhattan at a $10 flat rate on Friday via its car pooling service, uberPOOL, which was released last December.

Eduardo Munoz | Reuters

Uber launched a $5 flat rate in San Francisco under uberPOOL in January.

The company said in a release the move is aimed at reducing the number of cars reducing traffic congestion in New York City.

There are, however, some catches to the offer.

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First, the $10 flat-rate only applies to rides south of 96th Street. Also, the offer will only be available for a limited time, but did not specify when the offer would end.

Uber later told CNBC there is no specific timetable in place for when the offer would conclude.