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China watchdogs to track down smuggled 'zombie meat'

Workers cut slaughtered pigs in a cooler at a meat processing plant in Qionglai, Sichuan Province, China
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China willlaunch a campaign to track down the international origins of smuggled frozen meat as the countryintensifies its campaign against the illegal trade after reports last month ofsmuggled "zombie meat" many years beyond its expiry date.

Police and customs agents will work together to tracethe smuggling routes from production to shop front in a bid to protect Chinese consumersand preventthe spread of disease, the country's food watchdog said in astatement onSunday.

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China is the world's top meat consumer, and industry insiders estimate that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of beef are smuggled into the country to fill a shortfall that is unmet by domestic production or approved imports.

"We will put all our strength into tracking the source and sale points of smuggled frozen meat, including those people orchestrating the process from behind the scene," the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) said.

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The illegal trade caused a furor in June when authorities said they had seized 100,000 tonnes of smuggled frozen meat worth around 3 billion yuan ($483 million), some of which the official Xinhua news agency reported was as much as 40 years old.

Customs officials and police denied there had been any recent busts involving meat that old, but said chicken claws dating back to 1967 had been seized in 2013. The CFDA statement said meat around 4-5 years old had been seized this year.