Allure Magazine Names 26-Year-Olds Handmade Skincare As The #1 Product Choice

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allure Magazine has become the top magazine for beauty and fashion editorial reviews, impacting consumer buying by almost 35%, and helping small start ups become globally recognized brands.

Ryan Zamo needed a cost efficient way to solve his never-ending battle with cystic acne and hair loss problems. The young entrepreneur began creating his own organic skincare and hair care products in his kitchen just last year, and now just months later, his remarkable organic products are named the #1 choice for anti-aging, acne, rosacea and hair loss by 'Allure Magazine', one of the most powerful magazines in the world.

The young entrepreneurs company "Z Skin Cosmetics" is now an internationally award winning 100% handcrafted organic line of skincare, hair care and mineral makeup. Zamo's ingredients span across the globe, including hundreds of unprecedented exotic herbs and oils, which are imported exclusively for his company, he said "I tried every single prescription medication, over the counter treatment and the products from TV, the only thing I did notice about them was that I was quickly running out of money and hope. I then decided to turn to my parents for help, they are honestly the reason my products have worked so well, so I do owe them a lot of credit."

Zamo's key to success may lie in his parents lifelong background in organics, his father is a native of Budapest, Hungary and his mother was a long time plant biologist and hortoculturist specializing in exotic plant life, he said "Sadly my mom passed away in April, but she really opened my eyes up to exploring the hidden gems of ancient traditional herbal medicine. My father would share stories about the amazing ways they would heal skin and hair problems, Hungarians are extremely honed in on organic living, and it definitely made a huge impact in my products."

The young entrepreneur started searching for a solution to his acne and hair loss problems last year, his goal was to create an effective treatment without breaking the bank, and the answer has landed him as Allure Magazines top choice of products.

Contact Information For Z Skin Cosmetics:

Ryan Zamo, CEO

973 851 8573

Source: Z Skin Cosmetics