Recursive Labs(TM) Launches New Collaboration Platform Focused on "Anytime" Sharing

ST. LOUIS, July 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recursive Labs, formerly Click With Me Now, has launched an innovative collaborative customer interface platform that provides companies new ways to securely share, support and collaborate with their customers, as well as extend these innovative "anytime" collaboration tools into their own enterprise.

The launch aligns with the company's rebranding and evolution from a single-product offering to a full suite of web/ mobile sharing and collaboration products. The company is also announcing its new Replay product suite, the first of its kind.

"Replay is a completely new way to communicate – aligning perfectly with our "anytime, anywhere, any device world." Without the need for software installed on the end user's computer or any type of download, users are able to dynamically create an interactive video message that combines their complete web experience with their own voice-over narration," says Bud Albers, President and CEO of Recursive Labs. "With applications ranging from customer service to social channels and complex business intelligence uses, Replay provides a foundational technology for improved right-time communication."

Built in the cloud, for the cloud, the Recursive Collaboration Platform offers leading edge technology that also allows companies to collaborate safely and securely online via Realtime – the company's industry leading co-browsing solution. Users are also able to completely time-shift their communications – from real time to anytime – without losing the human elements of the interaction via Replay. No matter the needs of the consumer, the Recursive Labs suite of API's allows for complete control and security of the end customer experience.

"In all industries, from health insurance to hotels, there are times when customers need extra assistance. Our suite of products can provide this as an added benefit to a company's online presence and omni channel experience," says Brian Handrigan, founder and chief innovation officer. "We are completely focused on re-humanizing the online channel, while maintaining the highest levels of simplicity, security and privacy."

The company offers demos of its products via the website or message via to set up a demo.

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