Smartvue Drives Mobile Video Surveillance For Microsoft's New Futuristic Police Patrol Car Platform

SEATTLE, July 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the FBI Annual Training Conference and Exhibition, Smartvue® Corporation announced that it will provide cloud-based video surveillance technology for the new Microsoft® Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP). Equipped with cutting edge hardware, software, Windows OS, Azure cloud integration, and a mobile Smartvue video surveillance solution, MAPP will modernize today's police cars.

Smartvue Corporation, a U.S. owned and operated cloud technology company and a leading provider of global cloud visual intelligence, has teamed up with Microsoft to extend surveillance services into patrol cars. This initiative is a part of Smartvue's push to expand into the 'Internet of Things Video' IoTV market. With Smartvue's new mobile video surveillance platform, video footage captured by cameras mounted on police cars will not only record to a device in the vehicle, but also stream active video to the cloud. This new cloud technology provides commanding officers with the ability to login remotely on any secure smartphone, tablet or computer to view live and recorded surveillance video. The mobile surveillance solution also serves as a backup in case the recorded surveillance data in the vehicle is damaged.

"Smartvue is committed to provide elegantly simple cloud video surveillance offerings and meet the specific security demands of government agencies," said Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. "For over a decade, we have been expanding the capabilities of visual intelligence and video surveillance by leveraging the cloud at each step in the value chain, and the new Microsoft® Advanced Patrol Platform gives us even greater capabilities to better serve government agencies."

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