This fast food chain is the king of big fry sizes

Who makes the best fast food fries?
Who makes the best fast food fries?

All fry sizes were not created equal.

While fast food giants use the same size names, that's about where the similarities end. Depending on the chain, one small size could be much bigger or smaller than another.

So what's a fry lover to maximize their fast food order while celebrating National French Fry Day on Monday?

Head to the (Burger) King of the three fast food heavyweights: it turns out the chain is aptly named when it comes to big fry sizes. Each of its small, medium and large sizes are bigger than rivals Wendy's and McDonald's. In fact, Burger King's small size is a full 71 percent bigger than McDonald's small.

Here is the full list of how fry sizes stack up:

For those wishing to maximize their fry budget and get the most bang for their buck, the winner again is Burger King. The chain's value size proved to be the option with the lowest cost per gram, based on suggested pricing at Wendy's and Burger King.

In an email, McDonald's Spokeswoman Lisa McComb said it is "very difficult to pinpoint pricing since the Owner/Operators set their own pricing."