Delightibles(TM) Cat Treats Launches New Wild Country Meats Designed to Feed Your Feline's Wild Side

EAGLE, Idaho, July 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delightibles™ is proud to announce a new line of delicious, soft and chewy Wild Country Meats cat treats and sticks, encouraging carnivorous kitties everywhere to take a ride on the wild side. Our cats' ancestors prowled the wilderness in search of real meat. Delightibles™ Wild Country Meats satisfies those inner cravings with treats and sticks. These tasty treats contain real meat or chicken as the first ingredient, are high in protein, and come in a number of distinct savory flavors.

The new Wild Country Meats cat treats and sticks are an exciting addition to the Delightibles™ line. These treats are carefully crafted with delicious, wholesome ingredients to promote your cat's overall health and vitality. Designed with your cat in mind, these snacks contain no chicken or poultry by-products and are free of wheat, soy, and corn.

Wild Country Meats cat treats and sticks are found on the shelves at Walmart, Kmart, Meijer, and other retailers nationwide. These treats are offered in 2 oz. bags with retail prices starting at $1.94.

The line of products includes:

Delightibles™ Wild Country Meats Cat Treats
• Comes in Chicken and Salmon, Chicken and Turkey, Chicken and Tuna, and Chicken varieties
• No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or dyes
• Delicious, soft and chewy treat

Delightibles™ Wild Country Meat Sticks
• Comes in Tuna, Beef, Chicken and Salmon
• 100% grain free
• No artificial flavors

"As a company, True Science is founded on our love of pets, and commitment to provide affordable, quality treats that our pets love. I believe our new line of Wild Country Meats cat treats and sticks are a great representation of that," said Glen Moore, Vice President of Marketing.

The new Delightibles™ Wild Country Meats products are a fun treat that helps satisfy your cat's wild appetite.

About Delightibles™

Delightibles™ is all about our love for cats and desire to see them happy. We love giving cats wholesome treats they crave and that you can feel good about. All Delightibles™ cat treats are made with delicious, wholesome ingredients. For more information, please visit:

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