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The market in which Disney really reigns is the amusement and theme park industry.

Revenue at theme parks rose 6 percent to $3.76 billion, pushing up the unit's operating income 24 percent as ticket prices and hotel room rates increased and visitors spent more on food, drinks and merchandise.

With revenues of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars in 2014, Disney's parks and resorts segment generated almost six times that of its closest competitor, Universal Studios Theme Parks. The ten most visited amusement and theme parks worldwide are dominated by Disney parks. Located all over the world, many of the company's parks also feature on a list of the most visited tourist attractions.

Now, Disney is ready for its next ambitious step -- bringing its theme park to ... CHINA.

CNBC's Eunice Yoon has more.


Eunice Yoon | Shanghai

Disney Unveils Shanghai Theme Park

Bob Iger | CEO, Walt Disney

Bob Iger | CEO, Walt Disney

The CEO of disney bob iger has come to Shanghai to lift the curtain in the new theme park here. He says this 5.5-billion facility is going to be authenticaly Disney and distinctly Chinese.

This part has many FIRST.

One of the six theme lands is gonna be all around pirates, and also, Shanghai is going to have the largest castle out of all the Disney parks, and have all these Disney princesses in the same place.

The company also said that for the first time, there will be no main street. Americana is stript out, and instead, Chinese elements are going to be added in, including the 12 animals of the zodiac.

Igar says that this park is going to be crucial for Disney's future.

[IGER SOT 1 ON SHANGHAI PARK] "this is one of the most important projects that we are involved with as a company for many reasons. china represents a great opportunity for the walt disney company growing in china is a huge priority for us and our primary approach in terms of growth is this park 0224 so obviously it's extremely important and very exciting."

Despite the slowing economy, Iger says he's optimistic about the Chinese consumer.

[IGER SOT 2 ON CHINA ECONOMY] "0338 we build things to last many years. disneyland was built 60 years ago and has been through the ups and downs of the u.s. economy for six decades. so we're not concerned with the chinese economy and we're extremely bullish about the long term prospects of it."

Shanghai Disney Land has been in works for many many years, but finally it is going to have its grand opening date -- the spring of 2016.

Eunice Yoon CNBC shanghai.


The largest single foreign investment project currently in China, Shanghai Disneyland broke ground in 2011. To launch the project, Disney formed a joint venture with state-owned investment firm Shanghai Shendi Group.

Shanghai Shendi holds 57% of the shares in the venture, with Disney owning the rest.

Disney's parks and resorts unit reported a 6% revenue gain to $3.8 billion for its fiscal second quarter as it counted more visitors at domestic Disney resorts and higher spending per guest.

CNBC's Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.

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