NuVinci(R) Cycling, a Division of Fallbrook Technologies Introduces New NuVinci Optimized(TM) Bicycle and eBike Products

CEDAR PARK, Texas and ZWOLLE, NL, July 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NuVinci Cycling®, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook), announced today that it is introducing the N380™ bicycle and eBike continuous variable planetary (CVP) transmission in conjunction with the launch of a new portfolio of NuVinci Optimized products. NuVinci Cycling will show all product news at EUROBIKE 2015 to be held August 26 to 29, in Friedrichshafen, Germany (Booth A2-313).

The N380 enhances and succeeds the popular and proven N360 with no increase in cost. It features an increased ratio range of 380% and is warranted to support higher-powered mid-motor eBikes (up to 350w) as well as cargo bikes (up to 250w and 168 kg). Like the N360, the N380 is upgradeable to an intelligent automatic shifting Harmony 380™ group set as well as Harmony H|Sync™, which integrates the controller functionality in the user interface of the eBike drive train (currently available for Bosch eShift). Additionally, the N380 will be available as part of a Nfinity™ group set with the C8™ and the new C8s™ high-end manual controller.

The N330, which was previously introduced in March 2015, is a more affordable counterpart to the N360 with a slightly narrower (330%) ratio range and a new lower-cost C3™ controller that provides the same shifting experience as the N360 but without a display. Both the N380 and N330 offer the unique characteristics of the NuVinci technology such as smooth, seamless shifting, shifting under load, a maintenance-free sealed hub, and an enhanced ride experience. The well-known and intuitive controller of the N360 transmission will be relabeled as C8 and will be available for use with all NuVinci Optimized CVPs.

"Consumers and OEMs, alike, have been asking for additional NuVinci Optimized options for luxury, mid-range and lower cost bike and eBike market segments," stated Roland ten Brinke, Sales Director, Europe. "Now, with the N330 and N380, we offer a number of different manual controllers and automatic control interfaces. This provides a portfolio of products that can meet the requirements of many different bike and eBike categories and price ranges."

"Although there is the opportunity for mix and match," added Daniel Bley, NuVinci Cycling's Director of Marketing, "we have placed the ideal product combinations into two branded product group sets: Nfinity™ (manual control) and Harmony™ (integrated automatic shifting)."

The Nfinity group sets (Nfinity 330 and Nfinity 380) include hubs with either the C8, C3, or the new C8s. The C8 is the same design as the current manual N360 controller with a display. The C3 provides the same functionality as the C8 but without a display. As the top of the line controller, the C8s features an aluminum housing, a new display, and an enhanced grip.

The Harmony group sets (Harmony 330, Harmony 380 and Harmony H|Sync) include hubs with either the H3™ with the HHI3™ (Harmony Hub Interface), the H8™ with the HHI8™, or the Harmony H|Sync™ interface. The H3 is an updated version of the prior Harmony Base Controller with three selectable cadences. The H8 is an updated version of the prior Harmony Advanced Controller.

A document outlining the new NuVinci Optimized product and naming architecture is available at

About Fallbrook Technologies

Fallbrook Technologies is the developer of the patented NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, which can improve the performance and efficiency of machines that use a transmission, including vehicles, stationary equipment, bicycles, and others.

The NuVinci technology transforms Gears into Spheres™ by using a set of rotating spheres between the input and output components of a transmission. Tilting the spheres changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. NuVinci CVPs can be configured to replace multiple planetary gears, providing significant efficiency and performance improvement in a compact package. The NuVinci technology offers companies the flexibility to design and produce next-generation products that are better-tailored to their unique business, market, and competitive requirements. Major automotive transmission suppliers have licensed the NuVinci technology for the development of automotive class drivetrains, and a market-leading supplier has licensed the technology and is developing NuVinci Optimized transmissions for electric and gasoline light vehicle applications.

The first commercial products incorporating the technology were the currently available N360 bicycle transmission and the Harmony auto-shifting system for bicycles, which included the N360. Fallbrook has built an extensive portfolio of over 700 patents and patent applications worldwide. For more information, visit

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