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Coming to theater near you: The next big thing in ads

Coming to a theater near you: Group video games

Movie theater audiences are engaging with advertisements in the form of video games thanks to a software that interprets audience information.

Using cameras, microphones and Wi-Fi routers, a setup built by Audience Entertainment detects motion, sound and mobile interaction allowing audiences to play games developed as advertisements for major brands.

So far, brands including Paramount Studios, Samsung and Sony have used the small business' system for movie trailers and advertising.

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For instance, a movie audience as a group can drive a car on the movie screen.

In an audience of 100 people, for example, "if 75 lean to the left and 25 lean to the right, the car will go to the left. If 100 lean to the left and nobody leans right, the car will go off the road to the left," Audience Entertainment CEO Barry Grieff told CNBC.

An interactive advertisement developed by Audience Entertainment allows crowds to play video games as a group.
Source: Audience Entertainment

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There have been some challenges in getting businesses to use this technology to promote their brands, however.

"I think that innovation in any medium always takes a little bit of time, a little bit of a learning curve for adoption and we're really at the beginning of that ramp that gets us to that point, Audience Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Adam Cassels said.