Nestlé serves coffee for new ad campaign... naked

A still image from Nestlé's Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss video ad.
Coffee-mate | YouTube

To promote their brand Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, Nestlé gave away free coffee by actors, who—in the spirit of going all natural—served the beverages in the buff, according to AdWeek.

Nestlé is launching a new ad campaign for natural coffee creamer using footage from an experiment where the company took over a coffee shop in New York for a day. Customers came in "only to realize that the handful of workers—models and actors putting on a performance, to be clear—behind the counter were not wearing clothes," according to the AdWeek report. Actors wore only body paint.

Officials at 360i, Nestlé's advertising agency, told AdWeek that the intention of the campaign is to "turn heads on social media," and that the campaign is geared towards a younger audience.

Apparently, some of the New Yorkers visiting the pop-up store were more surprised by getting free coffee than they were to be served by nude baristas.

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