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Power Play: Making money in energy

Eddie Seal | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The energy sector remains weak, sliding 14 percent the past month and falling 4 percent in 2015.

But the decline does not mean you can't make money in energy.

Ed Perks, chief investment officer at Franklin Equity Group and portfolio manager of the Franklin Income Fund, tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Thursday he's looking at big oil.

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"The major international oil companies are stand outs from a yield perspective, balance sheet strength, and ability to adjust project timetables to the current macro environment. Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, and ExxonMobil are all well positioned to ride out commodity weakness and capitalize on opportunities that will deliver attractive returns over the long term," Perks said.

Rob Lutts, president and chief investment officer at Cabot Wealth Management, is avoiding energy and believes innovation is key.

Lutts recommends electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors. "New lower cost structure will drive large ramp in sales," Lutts said. Another area Lutts likes is solar power and his top pick there is Solar City.

Tesla , Solar City, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon are all higher during trading, while Chevron is lower.