7 gadgets to keep your desk organized

There's nothing like a clean work space.

After a long 40-hour work week, the last thing anyone wants to do is think about how to organize their desk or office. Any one of these seven gadgets can help you keep your work space neat and together.

1. Powermat – $9.99

Have to run away from your desk for a lunch meeting but your phone isn't charged? Duracell's Powermat Ring is a light, compact option for wireless charging. By simply plugging in the ring and wirelessly connecting to any Powermat hotspot near you, you'll be able to watch your battery level grow.

2. Desktop Fridge ($19.05) or Mug Warmer ($9.49)

If you're an avid soda or coffee drinker, you might want at least one of these—excellent ways to avoid that lukewarm can of soda or a cold cup of coffee on a long day when leaving your desk just isn't an option.

3. Digital Picture Frame – $59.99

Goodbye static picture frame. With a digital picture frame all the photos taken on a smartphone can be easily transferred and displayed on your desk. This particular digital frame even has a motion sensor that turns the frame on and off based upon when you're actually in the room for optimal energy saving.

4. Smartphone Holder – $29.99

While there are individual cellphone holders on the market, this one will easily display your phone's screen and organize the rest of your items. This gadget will ensure that you'll never miss any messages or alerts that may pop up on your phone.

5. PocketPrinter

Though this particular gadget has yet to hit the market, it could become a reality if enough people rally around its Kickstarter campaign. If the printer at work is out of commission or if you're headed out into the field in a hurry, this mini device will print from your phone, on any size paper.

6. Cup Holder Clip – $17.00

Here's to never knocking over your drink ever again. This convenient clip attaches to the side of your desk, allowing for more space to work and insuring that any liquids stay exactly where they need to bein your cup.

7. Cyanics iStick Multifunction Desk Organizer – $39.99

Minimalism! With three USB ports, a letter opener, paper holder and a space for just about anything on your desk, this one product will streamline your entire work space.

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