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Reddit's new CEO lays out new content restrictions

Reddit vows to clean up its site

To the displeasure of some of Reddit's most obscure groups and users—such as those on racist and misogynist message boards—the popular site's new chief executive still wants to crack down on its less-than-savory elements.

Co-founder Steve Huffman announced the site's updated approach to offensive content in a Reddit post on Thursday. The new CEO said the site is considering a new set of restrictions, such as banning "anything that harasses, bullies or abuses."

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The site will also consider banning content that incites violence toward a person or group of people and anything illegal (e.g., copyrighted material). Visitors to Reddit must also "opt in" to view adult content or anything that violates "a common sense of decency," Huffman wrote.

Source: NBC News

Last month, about 200,000 users signed a petition to oust former Reddit chief executive Ellen Pao after she pushed for a cleanup of the site's most offensive content. Pao resigned last week, opening the door for the return of Huffman, who co-founded Reddit about 10 years ago.

Reddit already features ads, but ridding the site of its offensive forums may bring it more toward the mainstream and more monetization.

Huffman says these changes aren't made for business purposes. He told users on the site's Ask Me Anything forum earlier this week that Reddit already has a lot of cash and that monetization isn't a short-term concern.