Artistic Smiles Announces Same Day Crowns With E4D Machine

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., July 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Artistic Smiles announced that the practice is now offering same-day crowns with the E4D machine. According to Agoura Hills, CA, dentist Dr. John Abajian, the E4D machine offers superior results for restorative dentistry patients. According to Dr. Abajian, crowns created by the E4D machine are more durable than other crowns, requiring fewer replacements. Additionally, the E4D machine gives Dr. Abajian and his team full control over the design and creation of the restorations, which delivers a more aesthetically-pleasing final product, says the dentist. With the E4D machine, restorations can now be completed within one visit, eliminating the need for multiple trips.

Dental patients in need of a crown, bridge or veneer can now receive the finished product in the same appointment, thanks to new restorative dental technology, says Dr. John Abajian.

"Anyone who has ever had a crown, veneer or bridge understands the frustration of multiple visits to get this restoration fitted and made," said Dr. Abajian. "For years creating a crown was an imprecise and imperfect process that could be incredibly time consuming. That's all changed now. I'm excited to announce that my practice, Artistic Smiles, is now offering same-day crowns with the E4D machine. This machine is truly a revolutionary system that makes it easier than ever to create the perfect crown in record time."

The E4D uses cutting-edge technology, including the "Blue Wand" to scan a tooth and quickly create a computer rendering of the desired restoration. Once the dentist approves the restoration, it is sent to the milling machine via the wireless cloud. The restoration is then carved at the milling machine out of an E-max porcelain block.

"The E-max machine is similar to high-tech diamond carving machines," said Dr. Abajian. "It creates the toughest and strongest porcelain restorations in dentistry to date. The combination of the E4D computerized restoration creation and E-Max porcelain milling machine is simply impossible to beat."

The Agoura Hills dentist says that thanks to the E4D machine, restorative dentistry is now more popular than ever before and is one of the most in-demand services offered by Artistic Smiles.

"Our goal is to save patients time and money while delivering the highest quality restorative dental products," said Dr. Abajian. "That's exactly what we do with the E4D Machine. We're able to uniquely design each crown to match the rest of the patient's teeth with saving time, delivering enhanced design perfection, and ensuring accuracy of fit."

Dr. Abajian provides comprehensive dental services for Agoura Hills' dental patients, including preventative examinations and advanced diagnostics using the latest technology.

"We understand that the idea of getting a dental bridge or crown can seem overwhelming," said Dr. Abajian. "That's why we put the latest technology to work for our patients for easy, state-of-the-art restorations."

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