Family Eye Care Center Seeks to Educate Parents About Importance of Eye Exams for Children

RALEIGH, N.C., July 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's nearly that time of year again already — time for children to head back to the classroom. Whether this is the first go-round for parents with the back to school routine or one of many, Family Eye Care Center, with locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina, urges parents to make annual eye exams a critical part of the back to school routine for all their children. Not only can this important task help children start the school year off well, but it can also play a critical role in grades and confidence in the classroom.

Dr. Jeffery Handschumacher, of Family Eye Care Center of Rocky Mount and Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to stress the importance of eye health and safety throughout the school year while advising parents that beginning the school year with the right corrective lenses can help students feel confident in the classroom and helps to improve their grades.

"Children who can't properly see classroom boards, computer screens, or papers often suffer academically as a result. This can lead to confidence problems as well as recurring headaches for the students, which is why it's so important for parents to take their children in for eye exams before the school year begins," says Dr. Handschumacher.

Children don't often associate blurry vision with something wrong with their eyes the way adults do. It is up to the parents to make sure that their children's eyes are in good health. Otherwise, it may prove difficult for children to experience the full value of the educational tools available to them such as books, chalk boards, overhead projectors, computers, videos and handouts. "Simple tasks," says Dr. Handschumacher, "like completing homework accurately, can become a challenge for children with vision impairments that may lead to frustration with the learning process altogether."

The eyes of children are constantly changing. Dr. Handschumacher suggests that parents keep a close watch over their children throughout the school year for signs that their vision may be changing. These signs include frequently rubbing eyes, blinking excessively, using fingers to hold their place while reading, reading more slowly and developing poor hand-eye coordination.

If these symptoms appear, parents are encouraged to schedule follow-up appointments with their eye doctors to make sure corrective lenses or different lenses may be necessary.

Parents interested in setting up appointments for eye exams for their children are encouraged to call 919-981-4444 to set up an appointment at the Raleigh office or 252-985-3937 to schedule an appointment in the Rocky Mount office.

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