One-Day Crowns Save Patients Time and Money, Says Esthetic Smiles

OXNARD, Calif., July 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oxnard, CA, dentist Dr. John Abajian announced that his practice, Esthetic Smiles, is now offering one-day crown services with the goal of saving his patients time and money. The practice is using the E4D machine and other advanced technology to minimize the need for multiple fittings and time-consuming adjustments. With the E4D machine, custom restorations can be milled instantly, reducing the need for costly fittings or multiple visits, says the dentist. Esthetic Smiles says it is one of the first local practices to offer one-day crowns with the E4D Machine.

Patients who are nervous about dental work but who need restorative work such as crowns or bridges can now have this work completed in as little as one visit, says Oxnard, CA, dentist Dr. John M. Abajian.

"Many of our patients are understandably nervous about receiving major dental care like a restoration," said Dr. Abajian. "That's why we are excited to offer same-day restorative services through the E4D Machine, which saves patients time and money. For patients are nervous or anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist, multiple visits to be fitted several times for restorative services may seem like an impossibility. Now, with the E4D Machine, there's no need for patients to feel this level of anxiety. They can have the smile of their dreams in just one appointment."

The E4D Machine uses the latest technology to create same-day crowns, bridges and other dental restorations. E4D uses cutting-edge technology, including the "Blue Wand" to scan teeth and create a computer rendering of the desired restoration.

"Once the rendering has been created, I am able to make any small tweaks necessary to ensure a perfect fit and seamless match with a patient's existing teeth," said Dr. Abajian. "This significantly reduces the amount of time patients must spend at our dental office. Previously, fitting patients for crowns was an inexact process, so patients might have to visit multiple times in order to receive adjustments and get the best fit. Now, we can have the restoration tweak immediately and in a single visit we are able to ensure the perfect fit from the very beginning."

Dr. Abajian says the same-day crown service is especially beneficial for patients who are anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist. This is important since delaying restoration out of fear that the process will be painful or complicated can lead to bigger oral health problems for patients, warns the dentist.

"The goal is to streamline the process, save patients time and money, and take away much of the anxiety around dental care," said Dr. Abajian. "Prompt, proactive care protects the existing teeth and ensures a happier, healthier smile."

Esthetic Smiles provides comprehensive dental care, including crowns and bridges.

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