Beazley expands access to Beazley Breach Response Services to meet growing demand for coordinated breach response

PHILADELPHIA, July 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Specialist insurer Beazley announced today that the services provided by its dedicated business unit, Beazley Breach Response (BBR) Services, will now also be available under two of the company's leading insurance policies, information security & privacy insurance (infosec) and technology errors & omissions (tech E &O). Beazley's new BBR Services endorsement will give eligible clients access to specialized services to help prepare for a data breach and respond appropriately should a breach occur.

In 2012, Beazley launched BBR Services to help its clients successfully manage data breaches under the market leading data breach solution, Beazley Breach Response. In recent months, Beazley has seen growing demand for comparable access to BBR Services assistance and expertise from larger clients who commonly buy Beazley's infosec and tech E &O policies.

When a breach occurs, BBR Services works with policyholders to coordinate the forensic, legal, notification and other services needed to satisfy legal requirements and maintain customer confidence.

"Data breaches are a growing concern for businesses," said Katherine Keefe, Head of BBR Services. Keefe added, "By combining BBR Services with our information security & privacy and technology errors and omission coverage, more clients can access Beazley's data breach experts to help prepare for, and recover from, an incident."
The endorsement makes the following services available Beazley policyholders:

Pre-breach services:

  1. A breach response workshop or employee training specifically tailored to a policyholder that addresses best practices in data privacy, security, and breach response.
  2. Access to, an online service that provides educational and loss control information relating to compliance with applicable laws, safeguarding information, preparing to respond to data breach incidents and best practices.
  3. Data breach incident response plan review by BBR Services.
  4. Two hours of complimentary consulting services from BakerHostetler related to breach response and data privacy issues and inquiries.

Post breach services:

  1. Access to BBR Services. The BBR Services team will work in collaboration with the policyholder to triage and assess the severity of a data breach incident, while assisting with the coordination of a range of resources and services that may be necessary to address legal requirements and maintain customer confidence.
  2. Access, via the BBR Services team, to Beazley's breach response service providers and preferred pricing.
  3. Five hundred (500) complimentary access codes for Experian's ProtectMyID® Alert Identity Theft Protection Monitoring Product.
  4. An Information Security Incident Response Guide prepared by Beazley, in partnership with Navigant. The guide is designed to provide a roadmap for entities to prepare for and manage the aftermath of a data security breach.
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Source:Beazley Group