Office Envy: Inside Yelp's New York workspace

Office envy: Inside Yelp
Office envy: Inside Yelp

Scooters and swings aren't just for playgrounds anymore.

Yelp boasts both inside its unique New York City office environment.

It's hard to walk through the space without hearing a loud sound of a gong being hit by an employee, followed by rowdy applause, indicating an employee has reached a sales target.

The office, located in the flat-iron district, is 153,000 square feet. Yelp currently has 547 employees, but plans to drastically expand to more than 900 by the end of the year.

Inside Yelp’s New York City office
Source: YELP

While many tech companies in today's workplace provide catered lunches everyday for their employees, you won't find that at Yelp.

"One thing we believe is that we should support small businesses," Shannon Eis, Yelp V.P. of Corporate Communications told CNBC. "We don't cater in lunch everyday for our employees. We want to encourage them to support the local businesses."

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