Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. Creates a Food & Beverage Acquisition Group

NEW YORK, July 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daniels Corporate Advisory Co. Inc. (OTCQB:DCAC), a Corporate Strategy Consulting Company, announces the expansion of its own business strategy model with their newly created subsidiary, "Daniels Food & Beverage Group." This subsidiary focuses on acquiring business entities in the food and beverage services industry.

This subsidiary's initial growth strategy targets U.S. East Coast food and/or beverage services sectors with sales from $300,000 to $3 Million that are also cash flow positive. Once acquired, Daniels professionals with significant niche experience will be added to the operations/marketing mix to apply newly-created ideas/concepts in the expansion of each acquired candidate. Over an 18 month period the acquisitions will be integrated into a chain of quality establishments under a new blend of marketing -- including theme creation. Eventual franchising to accelerate expansion is contemplated.

Initial potential acquisitions for the "Food & Beverage Group" are already in the discussion stage with "Letters of Intents" (LOIs) expected to be forthcoming.

This build-out of the "Food & Beverage Group" seeks acquisitions that provided accretive financial opportunities consistent with DCAC's financial business model. These business consolidations should provide DCAC with necessary financial fundamentals which should qualify the Company's stock to list on a major stock exchange in the future. These events will create lower-cost financing options and higher visibilities, all of which will attract bigger clients and larger acquisition opportunities.

About Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc.

Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc., a corporate strategy and business incubation Company, acquires niche business opportunities in predetermined industries. With the creation of unique growth modelings, DCAC provides capital, human resources, marketing concepts and sales strategies to each of their target acquired business entities. The Company deploys a professional team, each with business acumen suited to a particular acquired industry segment, working diligently in providing collective expertise with the objective of adding growth and earnings. DCAC believes successful executions and economies of scale create lower-cost financing options and provides strong consolidated financial matrixes, www.danielscorporateadvisoryco.com.

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