Seeking Alpha in Water Technology — New Opportunities Await in Addressing Major Global Risk

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Growing demand for new water technology solutions to address water mismanagement, inefficiencies and scarcity is drawing attention from investors, ranging from large venture funds adding portfolio companies to individuals seeking opportunities in emerging companies.

A good example of that opportunity is WATERCLUSTER.COM LLC, which was launched in Santa Monica, California this summer as a membership platform to encourage collaboration in the water sector and present deals in a real-time environment.

The site launched in June with a basic proof-of-concept and is currently in discussions with investors to close a seed round and scale the platform through aggressive growth in the next two years.

“We believe the water crisis here in California presents an excellent opportunity for disruptive collaboration in the sector,” says Thomas Schumann, the German-born waterpreneur who brings finance and business experience to the new venture. “By connecting promising water technology companies and innovative solutions with investors, corporates and utilities, we help to mitigate the world’s number one human and economic risk — water shortage — in the next 10 years.”

One such company is Global Water Technologies (OTC:GWTR), which was the first member to join WATERCLUSTER.COM this summer. Global Water Technologies is working to commercialize several innovative technologies that improve water efficiency and smart infrastructure, including a patented sensor + software system that monitors water distribution pipelines and helps to identify hidden leaks. More information about Global Water Technologies is available at:

Although Schumann sees great potential in bringing water technology and innovation to California and the U.S. market, he believes the global opportunity is even larger. “With only 0.007% of global water available for potable use, 7 billion water users growing at 1.1% AGR, a $620 billion water industry growing at 4-5% AGR and increasing demand on aging infrastructure worldwide, water is the number one global risk that requires immediate attention and mitigation,” he explains.

“We must take action now and invest in the solutions that fully value and manage water wisely. This requires urgent collaboration of water technology providers, corporates, utilities, investors and governments to provide a solid, fast path for technology implementation, ” Schumann says.

For more information on WATERCLUSTER.COM LLC and its business opportunities, please contact Thomas Schumann at: or (424) 252-4270.