Jet v. Amazon: Here is the price war winner so far

Buoyed by strong investor backing, officially launched Tuesday with a laser-like pitch of maximizing savings for shoppers.

But is it really cheaper than rival and dominant player To find out, price tracking and management firm Boomerang Commerce crunched the prices of the top 100 popular products across nine categories—ranging from holiday must-haves like electronics and toys and games to household staples like personal care items.

While this is still a limited sample size, the numbers suggest newcomer Jet is worth checking out. Its prices were lower than Amazon roughly 81 percent of the time in the sample.

Amazon did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment about the study.

Jet is seeking to set itself apart with dynamic saving that increases as customers buy more. Customers can also save money by waiving returns or picking payment methods that charge merchants lower fees. Even before its launch,'s latest funding round valued it at almost $600 million.

"Jet is cheaper than Amazon on a significant number of items so if you're an Amazon shopper you want to start checking Jet because many products are cheaper," said Boomerang Commerce CEO Guru Hariharan in a phone interview.

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"It is definitely a very price sensitive industry right now so being sharp on price is very important right now," he said.

Part of Amazon's advantage though, Hariharan says, is its wide selection.

Although Jet's prices were cheaper on many items surveyed, "Amazon will continue to have an edge on long-tail selection," he added.