New Age Electronics Announces Distribution Agreement With KEF

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (from 2015 New Age Electronics Dealer Summit) -- New Age Electronics, a leading distributor of consumer electronics and gaming products and services and a division of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX), announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement with KEF, the renowned manufacturer of innovative, reference-quality loudspeakers, to distribute a select offering of its home theater loudspeakers and personal and digital audio solutions to KEF authorized dealers. The offering includes the acclaimed and newly expanded M Series on-ear and in-ear headphone assortment and the award-winning KEF X Series high-performance digital audio systems.

"With high-end audio products continuing to drive growth in the Consumer Electronics industry, our team works to identify the best products to bring to market to support our retailers in delivering a well-rounded offering to their customers in this space," said Fred Towns, President, New Age Electronics. "By adding KEF, we are able to help meet the needs of technology users who put a greater emphasis on high-quality materials and the overall listening experience."

A recognized industry leader for more than 50 years, audiophiles around the world revere KEF for its innovative, high-performance loudspeakers. KEF products are made of high-end materials that offer superior acoustic quality and are designed to reproduce recordings as natural as the original performance. KEF products are pleasing to both casual listeners and serious audiophiles, delivering the best listening experience for those passionate about authentic sound.

"New Age Electronics provides the reach, influence and support to deliver KEF products to consumers through a variety of dynamic retail channels," said Alec Chanin, President, KEF America. "By combining the forces of two leaders in technology innovation, we are able to deliver the exciting experience of KEF loudspeakers and headphones to more consumers across the U.S."

To learn more about KEF through New Age Electronics, call (800) 947-5974, email or visit

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New Age Electronics, a division of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX), is a sales and supply chain solutions innovator that provides consumer technology (CT) manufacturers with a broad offering of logistics, distribution and remanufactured services. Extensive experience in the CT industry and a customer-centric approach has made New Age Electronics the provider of choice. New Age Electronics distinguishes itself with efficient operations and relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Founded in 1988, New Age Electronics is headquartered in Carson, California. For more information about New Age Electronics, call (310) 549-0000, toll-free (888) 234-0300 or visit the company's website at

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About KEF

For 54 years, KEF has created technology that delivers the best listening experience for people who are passionate about natural sound. Founded in 1961 in Kent, UK and still operating in its original facilities, KEF continues to maintain its flair for unusual and controversial speaker engineering, design and material use. KEF's enjoys a reputation as one of the international leaders in speaker design and engineering. The Gold Peak Group acquired KEF in 1992, backing KEF's British heritage with new ideas, a new personality and new products, leveraging its deep R&D and global manufacturing capabilities, and building on the company's core strengths in acoustics, design, distribution and quality. With the celebration of its 54th anniversary, KEF will continue to build on its strong heritage to define listening experiences for the next 50 years and beyond.

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