Inside Trump's finances: Read the full FEC report

Trump files personal financial disclosure
Trump files personal financial disclosure

The Federal Election Commission released Donald Trump's presidential financial disclosure report Wednesday, giving the public a look inside the real estate billionaire's vast holdings and wide-ranging sources of income.

Trump, who has been leading in some polls of the Republican presidential field, filed 92 pages worth of detail on his earnings. Among other information, he reported that he is affiliated with 515 separate entities as a member, president, chairman, trustee or other designation.

It will be difficult for analysts to determine if the new filing support's Trump's assertion that he is worth $10 billion, because the value of assets reported on presidential disclosure filings is given in broad ranges, making them challenging to tally.

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A calculation by CNBC shows Trump listed assets worth at least $1.4 billion and liabilities of at least $265 million. But those figures may say more about the financial disclosure form's quirks than Trump's actual wealth. For example, some assets can be listed with valuations of "over $50 million," with no upper range limit. That may be inadequate to capture the value of many of Trump's assets.

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The pugnacious presidential candidate revealed millions of dollars in shares in public companies, mutual funds and hedge funds. He also lists several checking accounts, including one at Capital One Bank holding between $5 million and $25 million.

Among the other details Trump revealed:

He is still getting royalties from his book "The Art of the Deal," published in 1987. He listed between $15,001 and $50,000 last year. But his book "How to Get Rich," published in 2004, is not helping him get rich any more. Trump listed less than $201 in royalties from that title last year.

Trump reports between $1 million and $5 million in income from a mattress licensing deal with Serta called "Trump Marks Mattress LLC."

He receives a monthly pension from the Screen Actors Guild in Burbank, California.

He has an investment in gold worth between $100,001 and $250,000.

He was paid $150,000 for a speech in March for Samsung. What insights did he give the company? In one speech Trump made for Samsung that is posted on an event planning company's website, Trump declared, in part, "Samsung is an amazing company."

His debts included more than $50 million of mortgages in the names of "Trump Tower Commercial" and "40 Wall Street."

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