GrowBLOX Sciences is Making Big Moves in Anticipation of Opening Nevada Cultivation Facility

LAS VEGAS, July 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:GBLX), a biopharmaceutical company with state-of-the-art technologies in plant biology and cultivation designed to produce consistent medicinal cannabis, today announced that over the course of the next few weeks certain changes in management personnel and operating procedures would soon be implemented in preparation for the commencement of cultivation operations through our majority-owned subsidiary, GB Sciences Nevada, LLC.

CEO Craig Ellins shared that “The build out of our principal cultivation facility in Nevada is proceeding well and on schedule. As we transition from our engineering intensive development stage, involving largely R&D and licensure efforts, to the day-to-day operations of producing an excellent product, branding it appropriately, and maximizing our revenue, we will need to significantly beef up our staff. We have brought in John Poss as a consultant to put in effect some of these changes. We feel that John will be instrumental in helping us to achieve that transition smoothly and expeditiously.”

John Poss, a former CPA, is a Senior Executive with success in improving performance in technology, logistics, operations, business systems and finance. His experience includes CEO, COO, CFO and CTO of both public and private companies with sales ranging from $10 million to $450 million as well as over 15 years of consulting experience. He also has extensive M&A experience, both buy and sell side, including private equity. He also holds two United States patents.

Some of the anticipated changes and additions to the operations team include appointing a General Manager for the GBS Nevada Venture in the near future as well as support staff for the 30,000sqft cultivation facility.

The key personnel for the retail location in Las Vegas as well as the delivery service will also be put in place in the upcoming weeks. Product development and scientific validation of consumer facing products will be managed by a combination of in-house scientists and contracted chemists and formulators.

Chief Science Officer, Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, shared that “Our drug discovery strategy and clinical research will be enhanced by the success of our Nevada operations. Profiling proprietary strains for their therapeutic properties is essential for the scientific and medical evolution of cannabis. Our competitive advantage lies in the privilege to legally grow and scientifically study medical cannabis here in Nevada. It is extremely important to our shareholders that we have the ability to test and develop products on a commercial scale but with laboratory precision.”

In connection with those planned changes, the company has replaced its PCAOB auditor with Patrick Heyn, CPA, who was the concurring auditor for the company’s most recent audited statement, and expects to shortly announce further additions of key personnel to manage the revenue-producing operations expected to begin in the early fourth quarter of 2015.

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