MobiSave LLC Appoints Beth Padera Senior Director of Analytics and Research

NEW YORK, July 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MobiSave LLC, an intelligent mobile marketing system connecting consumer packaged goods brands directly to consumers, today announced that Beth Padera has been appointed Senior Director of Analytics and Research. Padera will be responsible for leading the development of MobiSave's analytics and insights infrastructure.

Padera brings 14 years of experience delivering research, analytics and insights for Nielsen Perishables Group. During her tenure at Nielsen Perishables Group, Beth combined consumer research (including loyalty card, panel, and survey data) as well as sales-based analytical services to launch an Analytics & Insights department, providing integrated deliverables for clients. In addition, Beth led Nielsen Perishables Group's development of price elasticity, activity-based costing, and assortment analysis, and matched panel testing services for fresh food categories.

"MobiSave is building a one-of-a-kind omni-channel mobile marketing platform that allows consumers to shop and redeem offers anywhere, anytime. I am incredibly excited to bring MobiSave's unique data set to life for CPG marketers," said Padera. "There are enormous opportunities to use MobiSave's data to create behavior-based programs for clients that deliver volume and drive share for brands. I look forward to developing the insights that will help marketers leverage MobiSave's platform."

"MobiSave's top priority at the moment is to establish key metrics and benchmarks for the industry, demonstrating to manufacturers that MobiSave is delivering greater ROI and incrementality for brands. Beth's expertise in turning data analytics into actionable consumer marketing strategies will allow brands to fully understand the power of the MobiSave platform," said Dan McCabe, Senior Vice President of Sales, MobiSave.

"Marketers are looking to better understand how and why mobile shoppers behave, and our team is confident that Beth will bring new, valuable and actionable insights to our CPG marketing partners," said McCabe.

About MobiSave LLC:

MobiSave LLC is a joint venture formed in early 2014 between MobiSave Corp. and Loeb Enterprises. MobiSave is an intelligent mobile marketing system connecting consumer packaged goods brands directly to consumers. MobiSave's unique technology enables shoppers to scan their grocery receipts and receive near immediate cash rewards for purchasing specific brands. MobiSave provides CPG brands with the most cost efficient and timely system for delivering consumer purchase incentives driven by their data driven intelligent offer-serving platform. For more information visit

About Loeb Enterprises:

Founded in 2006, Loeb Enterprises is a New York based private investor and start up incubator led by veteran entrepreneur Michael Loeb. The firm pairs seasoned entrepreneurs with experienced marketing professionals and technologists to launch disruptive, scalable consumer businesses of enduring value. Past successes of the Loeb Enterprises team include Synapse Group which revolutionized how magazine subscriptions are sold in the US and Script Relief LLC, a free-to-consumer pharmacy discount card that has helped over 7.5 million people save over $750,000,000 on prescription medications. For more information about Loeb Enterprises visit

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