Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center Warns That Summer Brings New Opportunities for Injuries

FRANKFORT, Ill., July 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Summer is here in all its glory. Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center of Frankfort, Illinois warns that this means summer injuries are on the rise too. Responding quickly when summer injuries occur can make a world of difference in the amount of pain people suffer as well as how long the injury takes to fully heal. Failing to get proper treatment after an injury can also exacerbate or worsen the injury. That is why Dr. Scott Stratton encourages people dealing with common summertime injuries to seek help right away.

Dr. Scott Stratton of Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center in Frankfort, Illinois urges everyone to take it easy this summer in order to avoid potential summer-related or sports injuries. "That doesn't mean I don't want area residents to get out and enjoy the warmer summer weather or to play hard after a long day at the office," says Dr. Stratton. "My goal is to educate people about preventing injuries in the first place."

As a doctor of chiropractic medicine, Dr. Stratton has seen more than his share of summer related injuries. Dr. Stratton believes that many of these injuries could be avoided with a little education and instruction in how to move the body.

Strains and sprains are among the most common injuries Dr. Stratton is concerned about. These painful injuries often occur because people fail to warm up properly before engaging in physical activity. "A proper warm up," says Dr. Stratton, "involves a brisk five to ten minute walk followed by stretching the major muscle groups."

The second most common preventable cause of sports injuries, according to Dr. Stratton, is over exertion. To combat this, Dr. Stratton recommends that participants take frequent breaks to rehydrate and assess how tired they are. Exhaustion and fatigue often lead to overuse of muscles which result in muscle pulls.

The most common areas injured through summertime sports and activities include ankles, elbows, knees, shoulders and the spine. Some injuries require physical therapy treatments while others are served better with massage, chiropractic adjustments or treatment with ice.

"Chiropractors are especially beneficial for treating sports injuries because they seek to improve mobilization of the joints by making sure that all the joints in the body move properly and in concert with the soft tissues in the body," says Dr. Stratton.

People suffering from pain related to summertime labor or sports injuries are encouraged to seek immediate chiropractic care in order to avoid unnecessary pain or risk causing further damage to the injured area. Call 815-464-6772 to schedule an appointment.

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