Freedman Chiropractic Center LLC Promises to Lighten Loads with ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., July 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unwanted pounds and inches in East Brunswick, New Jersey, have a new enemy in the ChiroTHIN Program for weight loss at Freedman Chiropractic Center LLC. "There's no denying the fact that fat blocks arteries and leads to a wide range of health problems," says Dr. Ken Freedman, owner of Freedman Chiropractic Center. He goes on to say, "Fat also prevents people from experiencing the full happiness they're meant to experience." Understanding the many ways fat robs patients of happiness and health is ultimately what led Dr. Freedman to seek out an effective program to help them get rid of the fat so they can embrace a life of better health and happiness. He believes he has found it with the ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program.

Dr. Freedman of Freedman Chiropractic Center LLC in East Brunswick, New Jersey, believes that people struggling with excess weight often judge themselves more harshly than others around them. This mindset can undermine the first impression they make with people and sabotage self-confidence. That's why he believes it's so important to give people the tools they need to kick start their weight loss efforts. He believes the ChiroTHIN Program is just that start. "My clients generally lose somewhere between 20 and 35 pounds over the six weeks of the program," says Dr. Freedman of the weight loss program that offers low fat, healthy meals that have little sugar and the additional benefit of being anti-inflammatory. Best of all--it's a fraction of the cost of other nationally advertised weight loss programs.

ChiroTHIN Program clients eat food they purchase at the supermarket. They also learn how to eat within the program's guidelines when dining out. The ChiroTHIN Program also includes personal coaching with Dr. Freedman who holds clients accountable and helps them maintain motivation and focus until they reach their weight loss goal. "I believe," says Dr. Freedman, "That my personal coaching is one of many distinctions that set the ChiroTHIN program apart from so many other weight loss programs. People on my weight loss program realize they're not in it alone. I support and guide them every step of the way. That type of positive encouragement helps people get the results from the ChiroTHIN Program that other programs rarely duplicate."

East Brunswick area people interested in learning more about the ChiroTHIN program are encouraged to call 732-254-6011 for information or to schedule a consultation.

Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC is dedicated to helping people heal naturally and enjoy a lifestyle without restriction. They offer a range of chiropractic and holistic services including: chiropractic care, weight loss, nutritional counseling, purification, rehabilitative exercises and Reiki. Day, evening and weekend hours are available, by appointment.

An expert on natural health and wellness, Dr. Freedman also presents a variety of informative and entertaining workshops to progressive clubs, groups, organizations and businesses, including one on the ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program.

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