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Tomball, Texas, Eye Clinic, iCare Clinic, Announces Ortho-K/Corneal Reshaping Service

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TOMBALL, Texas, July 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People are lining up in droves for laser eye surgery, to correct vision and ditch glasses for life. Unfortunately, not everyone interested in this type of procedure is an ideal candidate for these types of procedures. In the past, there wasn't an adequate replacement for laser vision correction surgery that promised the type of visual results that are typical with laser eye surgery, but iCare Clinic in Tomball, Texas, now offers a service that may help even more people ditch their prescription lenses for good. This procedure is a corneal reshaping process called orthokeratology, or Ortho-K for short.

While very few people are thrilled at the prospect of glasses to improve vision, very few want to go through life unable to see clearly. Dr. Mark Richardson, of iCare Clinic in Tomball, Texas, understands all too well the draw of vision correction surgeries. He's constantly barraged with questions from patients about whether or not it can solve their vision problems. "Unfortunately," says Dr. Richardson, "This treatment is not for everyone. It just doesn't correct all vision problems."

There are also some particular problems that make laser surgery a non-starter, such as thin corneas, diabetes, corneal disease, untreated cataracts and some autoimmune diseases. "That doesn't mean there isn't hope for a solution to the eyeglass dilemma," says Dr. Richardson.

Dr. Richardson does go on to explain that there are some vision problems that can be corrected without surgery, through a process called corneal reshaping. The procedure, known as Ortho-K, involves the fabrication of special contact lenses that patients are to wear at night. Then, while patients sleep, the lenses make subtle changes to the shape of the cornea. When patients remove the lenses in the morning, they enjoy near-perfect, if not completely perfect, vision.

The caveat is that patients must continue to wear the specialty lenses at night in order to maintain their newly clear vision, which typically lasts one or two days.

The benefits of corneal reshaping are abundant. Patients are able to see clearly without the assistance of corrective lenses throughout the day. There are no worries over broken glasses while playing sports, and patients can even wear their favorite designer sunglasses with lenses that are as dark as the manufacturers allow.

"No longer must people endure the constant cleaning, readjusting or searching for glasses. It's a great win for patients who are ineligible for laser surgery procedures," says Dr. Richardson. "In fact, many patients who qualify for laser surgeries find this to be an attractive alternative for many reasons."

Corneal reshaping costs less than laser surgery, involves no post-op pain and does not require any antibiotics, steroids or pain killers. Also, it is reversible if people decide, for whatever reason, that they'd like to go another route. Laser surgery, by contrast, is irreversible.

About iCare Clinic

Located on Kuykendahl Road in Tomball, Texas, iCare Clinic offers a wide range of vision services including Ortho-K.

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