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Starbucks, McDonald's, Dunkin' ... One trader makes his pick

Coffee talk: SBUX, DNKN & MCD

Americans drink more than 400 million cups of coffee a year, but despite the copious consumption, most casual drinkers would be hard pressed to identify the difference between one brand and another.

However, most coffee fans aren't "Fast Money" Trader Pete Najarian.

By Najarian's own estimation, he consumes up to 15 cups of coffee a day. Given his voracious appetite, you might think his taste would stray to high-end coffee shops such as Starbucks, but you would be wrong.

By his account, Starbucks has a "burnt" flavor that he finds off-putting. Najarian is far from the only one who thinks that way. Despite a wide following and strong sales globally, Starbucks has its share of critics who frequently complain about the coffee's taste—and how much consumers have to pony up to pay for the privilege.

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To Najarian, it's all about strong flavor and a smooth finish without an after taste, something he says Starbucks lacks.

"A terrible cup of coffee," howled Najarian, during his coffee talk segment on "Fast Money" this week. Even Dunkin' Donuts wasn't spared his wrath. "That wasn't good," he said after taking a sip of Dunkin's brew.

Give me McDonald's

His top choice? McDonald's, which may surprise some given the company's reputation in some culinary circles. The Golden Arches is in the midst of a slump, yet connoisseurs such as Najarian still prefer its brew to the competition.

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"I'm a big McCafe guy," said Najarian. In a blindfolded taste test, Najarian correctly identified the three brands of coffee.

"I love my coffee," he added.

McDonald's, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts all reported and beat earnings estimates this week. Despite the beat, good tasting coffee wasn't enough for McDonald's, where overall sales in the U.S. continued to slide.

In terms of the trade, and despite the bitter taste left in Najarian's mouth, Guy Adami of "Fast Money" said he thinks Dunkin' Donuts could be the best pick of the three.