Road Warrior

PR's tourism weathering the storm of potential default

Harriet Baskas, Special to CNBC
Houses in Old San Juan.
Source: Puerto Rico Tourism Company

The government of Puerto Rico is navigating some tough financial shoals, with some comparing the cash-strapped commonwealth to its European counterpart, Greece.

Yet, like the Hellenic Republic, the island's hospitality and tourism industry is chugging along as briskly as usual, with Puerto Rican officials managing to limit the fallout from the government's inability to make ends meet.

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For the island, the stakes are high. Tourism contributes more than $7 billion annually to the economy, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, with upwards of 3 million international visitors flocking to the island annually, World Bank data shows.

"Despite the economic situation, Puerto Rico is very definitely open for business," said Ingrid Rivera Rocafort, the executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Co., the government agency that oversees tourism.

"The electricity is on, banks are open and no attractions: museums, beaches, or anything you'd want to do on vacation, has been affected at all," she added.