DAMASCUS, MD., July 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syndication Inc., (SYNJ.PK), reports that on July 20th, 2015 at the request of the CEO the BOD of Syndication authorized the CEO to take the necessary steps to rescind 250 million issued and outstanding shares of the Company's Common Stock to the Treasury. The Company declared this action as the first of multiple scheduled steps in a Stock Buyback and Rescission program designed as part of a comprehensive Company Capitalization Policy implemented to increase equity valuation, enhance the potential for equity investment, discourage short trading activity and, most importantly foster a longer term investor attitude.

Further BOD actions called for the Company's independent accountants to increase to $5 Million from the initial $1 Million equity valuation on the Company's ARCHER Trading Software reported on SYNJ's 1st Quarter 2015 Financial Statement, (balance sheet). The Company's outside accountants initially agreed to a $1 Million valuation on ARCHER with the caveat that it would consider valuation increases based on benchmark development achievements and sales performance. The BOD made prey for a $4 Million valuation increase based on the NINJATRADER product distribution and marketing agreement executed earlier in the 2nd Quarter 2015. The BOD anticipates a warm reception to its request opining that the upward adjustment if successful, should be reflected in the Company's 3rd Quarter 2015 Financial Filing.

Aside from being one of the most advanced forecasting trade indicators available to non-institutional day traders today, investors interested in the stock of the Company should not overlook the potential impact of ARCHER and NINJATRADER using an effortless and seemliness "point and click" delivery and distribution system to generate sales. The indicator is software that requires no production facility, no shipping or handling, and is accessible by simply clicking the icon on the NINJA trading platform currently being used by 75K day traders. Billing is automatic and can be handled by NINJATRADER as an add-on feature through its normal monthly billing cycle.

When asked to comment on the new Capital Policy strategies the CEO stated, "The $5 Million valuation and Buy Back initiatives are important to our long term goal of upgrading the Company's listing to the NADAQ or NYSE Alternext Exchanges. These strategies are designed to gain the equity leverage and stock price levels required to meet the qualification standards of either exchange. NINJATRADER is scheduled to offer ARCHER as part of its Standard Indicator Package on a "Point and Click" delivery function to all 75,000 of its platform subscribers in early August 2015. This will add a revenue dimension to the overall financial status of the Company, justifying an increase in the market valuation of ARCHER and having a subsequent positive affect on the stock price of SYNJ," said Syndication Inc. CEO, Sorrentino.

On a closing note, the Company stated that it currently has absolutely no intention or plans to reverse split its stock at any time in the near future and that related concerns are unfounded. Sighting that the last capital reverse as outlined in the 1st Quarter Financial Statement, was a condition of the ARCHER acquisition and the material transfer of ownership to two new principles of our Day TradeXchange subsidiary.

News on NINJATRADERS first product sales push of the ARCHER Indicator is scheduled for early August 2015 and will be announced accordingly.


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