Most firms face 'significant' daily or weekly cyberattacks: Report

Nearly two-thirds of companies face "significant" cyberattacks on a daily or weekly basis, according to an Accenture survey of senior executives across the globe.

"Given the prevalence of cyberattacks on today's companies and government organizations, the only question for most is when a cyberattack will occur, not if it will occur," said Brian Walker, managing director of Accenture Technology Strategy," in a report based on the survey.

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Of the surveyed 959 C-suite executives (chief executive officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers and chief operating officers), 63 percent said their companies were under daily or weekly attack.

However, less than one in 10 (9 percent) executives said their companies ran dummy attacks to test their systems on a regular basis. Under half (45 percent) had produced threat models to enable rapid responses to an attack or system failure.

Recent high-profile corporate cyberattacks include those of Sony and Ashley Madison. In addition, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America reported on Monday that name and email addresses of its employees had been leaked, allegedly by anti-abortion activists.

The homepage of the Ashley Madison website is displayed on an iPad.
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"While savvy executives know where their weak spots are, and work across the C-suite to prepare accordingly, testing systems, planning for various scenarios, and producing response and continuity plans that guide quick actions when a breach occurs, the data clearly shows that companies by and large have more work to do," said Walker.

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Accenture surveyed the executives between April and June via phone and online.