ESI launches ESI-Xplorer, Systems Modeling Solution Integrated into its Visual-Environment platform

PARIS, July 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, launches ESI-Xplorer, a new systems modeling solution integrated into ESI's multi-domain simulation platform Visual-Environment. ESI-Xplorer is designed to address the needs of system engineers for systems design and analysis from the early stage of the product development process. ESI-Xplorer provides a complete model-based design platform, accounting for the physics involved, thus allowing engineers to accurately verify and validate system architectures. Integration of the product inside ESI's collaborative platform Visual-Environment enables manufacturers to bridge the gap between systems modeling (0D-1D) and product validation (3D).

"Managing the complexity inherent to advanced systems modelling requires mastering the architecture of the model, the multi-domain dynamic behavior, and the link between model, simulation and system engineering," said Dr. Emmanuel Arnoux, Expert in Systems Simulation, ADAS & Autonomous Driving Department at Renault. "This is why system simulation software is becoming a necessity."

Since acquiring CyDesign Labs Inc. in October 2013, ESI has worked on the integration of systems modeling into its product portfolio. ESI's area of expertise, Virtual Prototyping, offers manufacturers a disruptive approach to test and pre-certify their products while cutting cost and lead-time. The integration of ESI-Xplorer into ESI's Virtual Prototyping platform Visual-Environment extends the scope of system modeling to system verification and validation, including virtual manufacturing, assembling and testing.

Thanks to ESI-Xplorer, system architects and system modeling engineers can now perform complex systems modeling, across multiple domains. Furthermore, through Visual-Environment, ESI's collaborative and open engineering platform, co-simulation between systems modeling (0D-1D) and product validation (3D) is now enabled. Visual-Environment enables the characterization of systems across multiple domains of physics - from crash test and passenger safety to mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal control or electric power. Mathematically sound and user-friendly, ESI-Xplorer hides the complexity of the underlying physics while maintaining numerical rigor by using the open, non-proprietary, Modelica® language to define simulation models.

Furthermore, with the integration of ESI-Xplorer in ESI's Visual-Environment platform, users benefit from advanced functionalities enabling the storage and organization of mechanical models, control models and data across organizations. VisualDSS decision support system enables project workflow automation, lean work management, and simulation content management.

Image: Example of 0D-1D systems modeling in Visual-Environment illustrating how ESI-Xplorer can assist the design and development of architecture, systems, parts and controls for automotive powertrains.

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