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I get paid to design rides at Six Flags

Getting paid to ride coasters

Les Hudson has ridden over 200 roller coasters. The best part—he gets paid for it. As the vice president of design for Six Flags Entertainment, riding roller coasters comes with the territory. It's a job that the younger crowd particularly envies.

"I can remember in the early years, when my kids were small going to career day and I was up against a guy who sold cable television, and then I came up and I get to design roller coasters and theme parks and I kind of felt sorry for the other guy," Hudson said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Les Hudson at work at Six Flags Entertainment.
Six Flags Entertainment

Hudson has been with Six Flags for 23 years and has designed 108 roller coasters in eight countries.

"We always start with a site plan to figure out where it goes in the park. We're building whole areas in 3-D models so we can actually see on our computers exactly how the area's going to lay out, we can stand in that 3-D model any way we want to and understand the viewpoints," Hudson said.

"It allows us to be much more accurate from our conceptual designs and our early planning stages to what the final product ends up being,"

The whole process typically takes between 12 to 18 months. Seeing a ride come to life is particularly gratifying to Hudson.

"You stand there and you watch people who pay to come to a Six Flags park to be entertained walk up and enjoy that ride and come off it smiling. It's a special feeling," he said smiling.