Lightning Round: In this group? It's going down

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Alcoa: "Alcoa is being lumped in with every single one of the commodity plays. It does not matter how well it is doing, or how poorly it is doing. If it's a commodity, the stock's going down. I say hold Alcoa."

Garmin: "I am a seller of Garmin. They did not do the number. I like FitBit, which reports next week."

Texas Roadhouse Inc: "One of my absolute favorites. Don't forget Denny's reports on Monday, I like that too. Texas Roadhouse, we've been behind that one ever since the big turn in restaurants when gasoline came down.

Linn Energy: "What can I say, we had to turn on those guys in the $20s. They just couldn't deliver. We backed them for a while but then in the $20s it was pretty clear that they were doing a lot of dumb things, and now they cut the distribution. I've got nothing good to say."

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Tal International Group: "It deserves to be in the woodshed, it missed a quarter. Come on man, we've got enough companies that are making the quarter and getting hammered. We don't need to go with companies that are missing the quarter and being hammered."

Kinder Morgan: "Right now the complex is going down. It doesn't matter that Rich Kinder just bought a ton of stock, it doesn't matter that we need all of the pipelines we can get. These stocks are in fall. I say be a buyer, not a seller of KMI."

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