Choice Eye Care Unveils New Website for a More Intuitive Patient Experience

LISLE, Ill., Aug. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Choice Eye Care of Lisle, Illinois is pleased to announce the reveal of their new website. The new website offers a more intuitive design and easy navigation along with a new look and feel. In addition to announcing information about the practice itself, the new website is friendly for use with mobile phones and tablet devices. The website offers a crisp clean design and is scalable to accommodate multiple screen sizes. Contact information and hours of operation are also visible throughout the website to make scheduling appointments as simple for visitors as possible.

Choice Eye Care is located in Lisle, Illinois, and serves the surrounding communities. Dr. Thomas Stazak, a Choice Eye Care optometrist, is excited about the changes in the website and what it may mean for the eye care clinic's customers. "The new website," says Dr. Stazak, "offers a clean background and less interference so that it's easier for our patients to read on the Web. The entire website is committed to making the process of getting information and setting appointments as simple as possible. Just as the entire staff at Choice Eye Care is committed to making the eye exam and eyeglass experience as simple and comfortable as possible for all of our patients."

The entire practice is designed to accommodate the varied needs of their patients. From offering evening hours several days a week to offering Saturday hours as well, the practice goes out of its way to make sure that people who need vision care are able to get it.

The website explains the services the clinic offers, such as vision exams as well as eye health exams with specialized training to recognize health issues like macular degeneration, glaucoma, hypertension and diabetes. The site explains that Choice Eye Care is dedicated to continuously educating themselves about the latest tools and techniques in the field of optometry in order to better serve his patients.

For the services Choice doesn't provide, the website explains, such as LASIK surgery and cataract surgery, the doctors maintain close relationships with local specialists to ensure patients are able to get qualified treatments for their eye health needs. Choice Eye Care does handle pre and post care in these cases so that patients have access to familiar faces.

The website also contains a list of brands of frames available at Choice Eye Care that include quite a few famous designer names. Not only are Choice Eye Care patients able to select from the extensive collection, but the website explains that anyone with a prescription to fill is welcome to explore their inventory.

Choice Eye Care is located on Main Street in Lisle, Illinois, and offers general vision exam and eye health services to members of the community.

CONTACT: Choice Eye Care, (630) 969-2020Source: Choice Eye Care