What's it like being a Victoria's Secret model?

Victoria's Secret recently announced 10 new "angels," including Monika "Jac" Jagaciak. In this Q&A, Jac shares some of her little secrets, including what it's like to be a lingerie model and her craziest shoot.

Jac Jagaciak
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Jac Jagaciak

How old are you? 21

How long have you been modeling? Eight years – I actually started modeling when my sister suggested that I try it out. When I was 13, I went for a casting call in a shopping center back home in Poland. I got a call from an agent that very same day and have been modeling ever since.

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What was one of your craziest shoots/modeling experiences? A Photoshoot with Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine where the shoot was with a professional male belly dancer. It was very artsy and involved a lot of movement. You feel so silly during the shoot doing all of these crazy poses, but the photos end up so amazing and tell a great story. It turned out so well that month or so after we did fragrance commercial together inspired by the editorial.

What's your favorite Victoria's Secret bra? Body by Victoria Lounge Bralette. It's super soft and comfortable for everyday lounging. It's perfect for layering and barely even feels like you're wearing a bra. I could live in it.

What do you like best about the job? All of the places I get to travel to. Traveling and exploring the world is something I love to do outside of work too, so it's great when I get to see new places thanks to my job.

What's it like being a lingerie model? It's like being an athlete. I was born into a family of athletes and ran track-and-field growing up so I wanted to go into an industry where it allows you to stay active. Being a Victoria's Secret Angel isn't only a full-time job, but also a full-time work out! Since I have such a busy schedule staying fit and healthy is super important. I make sure to take daily vitamins and train regularly to keep my body strong and energized.

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What's your least favorite thing about modeling? That it can be unpredictable. It's hard to know what's next especially when you first start out. Never in a million years did I think I would make it this far. Being a Victoria's Secret Angel is a dream come true and what's even more exciting is that it's only the beginning.

What are some places you've traveled for work lately? Rome, Italy. We were there to shoot the Victoria's Secret Holiday campaign. I spent most of my time on set but had lots of pizza and gelato!

Describe your ideal guy. Ambitious and honest.

What's next for you? It's just beginning. We've all gone through so much to get here. In this industry to be a Victoria's Secret Angel is the launch of your career. When I look back, I've accomplished so much but now as an Angel, it's only the beginning. It's all very surreal, but exciting.

Commentary by Monika "Jac" Jagaciak, one of the new Victoria Secret Angels. She has been represented by talent agency IMG since 2007. Follow her on Twitter @JacMonikaJac

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