Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions Launches Digital Retargeting Solution

OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infogroup Media Solutions launched a new solution today that offers Apogee members digital targeting and retargeting services for their fundraising marketing efforts.

The solution, Apogee Digital, leverages the company's extensive Apogee database of over two billion transactions, and will help members more precisely target prospective donors through digital marketing efforts. The solution provides marketers with Apogee donor data online, enables further segmentation and scoring of prospects leveraging site visitor behavioral data helping marketers target accordingly with personalized display advertising.

"Infogroup has created a number of innovative solutions with a core focus on digital. Client demand for our digital offerings has grown extremely rapidly", said Mike Iaccarino, CEO and Chairman of Infogroup. "We are pleased to add another offering to our digital solution portfolio with Apogee Digital specifically created for the nonprofit industry".

Aside from the initial Apogee donor data, Apogee Digital delivers personalized dynamic ads, optimizable targeting and retargeting, across mobile Web, Web, Facebook, Twitter and in-application along with detailed campaign performance reporting. The solution, which is only accessible by Apogee members, is meant to help nonprofit marketers improve the entire digital fundraising marketing process -- from data collection to personalized targeting and retargeting and ultimately increased conversion rates.

"Finding the right donor has always been a key to success for nonprofits. And with advent of digital targeting, there are now faster, more accurate ways to acquire new donors", said Gretchen Littlefield, president of Infogroup Media Solutions. "Apogee digital is the latest advancement in digital donor targeting. With more than two billion unique transactions and sophisticated analytical tools, it empowers nonprofits to take their new donor acquisition and fundraising efforts to the next level.

Apogee Digital leverages Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions' core Apogee data set, which includes insights on over 40 million donors. For more information, please contact Sherene Kelly, senior vice president of Apogee Data Solutions at

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