Medlert Inc. Offers Sedan Transport for Patients

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Aug. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medlert Inc. has added a new service to the Medlert Connect platform, which allows nurses to send patients home or to outpatient care facilities by sedan car rather than by ambulance.

Some 35 million people are discharged from US hospitals every year. This new level of service on the Medlert Inc. platform is aimed at supporting ambulance providers in meeting the transport needs of these patients returning home. The sedan service option may also be a good fit for patients in need of transport to outpatient medical appointments, which accounts for 125 million visits per year.

"By adding a new level of service of sedan car transport to the Medlert platform, we are aiming to help ambulance companies tailor transportation to the patient's needs," said David Emanuel, Medlert co-founder and CEO.

"The industry is evolving to a point where ambulance providers are being asked to offer more than just an ambulance to meet the hospital's needs. We see this new service as a great way for providers to broaden their service offerings and keep customer satisfaction high," said Emanuel. "Our aim is to build a platform that can manage all patient logistics around medical or non-medical transports in and out of the hospital. By doing this efficiently and well, we can positively impact patient care and hospital efficiencies."

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