New Private Foundation Guide Helps Advisors Reduce Tax Exposure, Boost Clients' Philanthropic Impact

FAIRFIELD, Conn., Aug. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Foundation Source, the nation's largest provider of comprehensive services for private foundations, today released its new Foundation Planning Guide for financial advisors. The complimentary guide covers 14 scenarios that high-net-worth clients commonly face that directly affect their investment planning, tax and estate planning, and charitable planning, and it shows how a private foundation can be used to address them.

The complete guide can be downloaded here:

According to Robert Chartener, CEO of Foundation Source: "Many high-net-worth individuals engage in philanthropy through traditional giving channels without understanding how a vehicle like a private foundation can help them achieve more with their overall wealth management and tax planning strategies. These donors look to their trusted financial advisors for guidance, so we designed our new Foundation Planning Guide with the advisor in mind."

Foundation Source is releasing its reference guide in August so advisors can refer to it when planning for year-end client meetings. Not only can private foundations play an integral role in an overall wealth management strategy, but recent studies show that the vast majorityi of high-net-worth individuals engage in philanthropy, making it a natural and important topic of discussion for advisors and clients at year end. According to Mr. Chartener: "It's essential that advisors talk about more than just investment returns. By engaging clients in conversations about philanthropy, advisors have an opportunity to strengthen their relationships with clients while learning more about their wealth management priorities."

The Foundation Planning Guide addresses a broad range of possible client scenarios such as:

  • Investment Planning: Client has low-basis, publicly traded stock; client owns illiquid assets; client has alternative assets; client owns real estate; client has tangible assets.
  • Tax and Estate Planning: Client has a high-income year; client owns or is selling a business; client wants to minimize estate taxes.
  • Charitable Planning: Client has an existing life insurance policy; client already has a charitable trust; client has a donor-advised-fund account; client wants to be actively involved in his/her charitable activities.

According to Mr. Chartener: "The most successful advisors are involved in virtually all aspects of a client's financial life, from wealth acquisition to wealth management and wealth distribution. Our new Foundation Planning Guide is a user-friendly reference for advisors and a resource for engaging clients in substantive dialogues about their overall wealth profile."

The Foundation Planning Guide is not intended to offer investment, tax, or legal advice. Because every client's situation is unique, Foundation Source's team of private foundation experts is available to confer with advisors to high-net-worth clients about specific situations, prior to making client recommendations.

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Foundation Source is the nation's largest provider of comprehensive support services for private foundations. The company's administrative services, online foundation management tools, and philanthropic advisory services provide a complete outsourced solution, including the creation of new foundations. Our clients supply the vision; we provide everything else.

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i The 2015 U.S. Trust® Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy: 95% of the wealthy actively give back, largely through traditional philanthropy.

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