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Lightning Round: The market is wrong on this stock

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Voya Financial: "I like the stock very much and think it's a pretty good situation, frankly." "This stock has held in very well at the $70 level. Now the high price-to-earnings multiple stocks are all coming down, and I think buying is a good, not bad, idea."

Dynavax Technologies Corp: "Infectious disease control is back as an important theme, and Dynavax is that. The stock is down a couple of bucks, and these are the stocks that people are selling off right now. But I do like it."

Cheniere Energy Inc: "The strangest thing is Carl Icahn has become an activist to the situation. Charif Souki [the CEO] and Carl Icahn, let me be a fly on the wall for that room! I do think that LNG is good. I like the CQP because I like a little income and I think that might be my preferred way to play this right now with the Cheniere Energy Partners and that yields 5.6 percent and will give you a little upside."

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Juno Therepeutics: "Juno is one of a bunch of them that I have said that you can either use a field bet on, or you can just understand it is highly speculative. If it works it's huge, if it doesn't—well let's just say it doesn't just stay right here."

Box Inc: "This one has really proven to be a battleground. Aaron Levie [CEO] runs a good company, and the fact that this company is only $1.6 billion with the opportunity it has, you know what? I think the market is wrong on Box."

Andersons Inc: "You can still fish, there. It's interesting because the stock has been going down, down, down and it's part of what I call an energy commodity complex short squeeze today. But no need to sell it."

Monster Beverage Corp: "Everyone is selling this one, and this was the last quarter where they switched their distribution system. So this is not Green Mountain Coffee, another one that Coca-Cola has a stake in. This is the one to buy, and I am saying buy Monster Beverage."

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