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Cramer game plan: Be ready—Another wild week ahead

Cramer: Be ready for wild week ahead

It is a rare occasion that Jim Cramer sees a major revision in the way that investors think about entire sectors of the stock market. But that is exactly what happened this week with commodities and media stocks, and Cramer expects the game to change again next week.

"The inflation rate is clearly coming down, and that changes the picture for many, many companies that report next week as we near the end, at last, thank heavens, of earnings season," the "Mad Money" host said.

The most telling statistic that will be lingering out there next week is Friday's producer price index number. Cramer suspects that prices for all sorts of things are starting to go downhill, which will make it very difficult for the Fed to raise rates in September.

Cramer expects the number to show that deflation has finally landed in the economy, which means there is not fear of inflation from job growth, and no reason for the Fed to tighten.

As for earnings, there are a few juicy companies that the "Mad Money" host can't wait to sink his teeth into next week.

Monday: Kraft Heinz, Live Nation, Shake Shack
Kraft Heinz: Cramer considers this one to be a powerhouse of brands. He thinks investors should own this one for the long term, and he expects more merger-and-acquisition activity in the packaged-goods space.

Live Nation: The stock has come down a bit lately, but Cramer thinks it could be due for a bounce after it reports.

Shake Shack: It has dropped quite a bit since its $96 high, but Cramer reminded investors that while the burgers are delicious, the stock is still expensive.

Tuesday: O'Reilly Automotive, Freshpet
O'Reilly Automotive: Auto-parts stores remain a strong theme in Cramer's playbook, especially since Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever. O'Reilly has its analyst meeting on Tuesday, and Cramer thinks it still has room to run.

*Bonus play: If O'Reilly reports good numbers and the stock reacts well, Cramer wants investors to consider buying AutoZone, which has the best buyback he's ever seen.

Freshpet: Cramer needs to start hearing about profitability from Freshpet, not just revenue growth. He wants to hear how close they are to an earnings breakout on Tuesday; otherwise he wants investors to leave it alone.

"I know it could be an attractive takeover candidate, but we can't recommend stocks on a takeover basis if they don't have a decent set of earnings," Cramer said.

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Wednesday: Macy's, Alibaba, Cisco
Macy's: With gasoline on the way down, Cramer thinks it could be a good idea to consider this stock both before and after it reports. Lately, the stock tends to sell off when it reports, so there could be an opportunity if the company addresses the idea of going private.

Cisco: This will be the first quarter for new CEO Chuck Robbins. Cramer likes Cisco's long-term prospects, but understands if investors may want to hear its conference call and then make up their minds.

Thursday & Friday: Nordstrom, Kohl's, J.C. Penney
"Of these three, if you stuck a gun to my head and asked me which I would buy, I'd say get that gun away from my head. Then I would pick Nordstrom because it is so well run and it is back in growth mode with its terrific Rack division," Cramer said.

So, with more crazy earnings next week, the "Mad Money" host wants investors to buckle up for another wild ride. This is one earnings period that has already changed the investing landscape and could do so again next week.

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