Full Body Rejuvenation Center Offers Backpack Safety Check for Children

LITHONIA, Ga., Aug. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Full Body Rejuvenation Center is offering free backpack safety checks with a complimentary spinal assessment for school-aged children. In many schools, students are required to carry their study materials in backpacks; yet incorrect use is a leading cause of shoulder and back pain amongst children. In fact, new research shows that each year, nearly 5,000 visits to the emergency room are related to injuries resulting from backpacks. The Backpack Safety Check offer, which runs during clinic hours until the end of August, aims to help parents and children become more aware of the risks of improperly used backpacks for children's developing musculoskeletal systems. In addition, the complimentary spinal evaluation is intended to pinpoint existing injuries and propose treatment options.

With students set to return to the classroom in August and September, parents should be aware of the alarming dangers associated with childhood backpack use. Increasingly more children are developing painful neck, shoulder and back injuries that oftentimes become chronic due to daily strain. Backpacks that are too large; don't have adjustable straps; aren't worn correctly; or are too heavy can cause the weight of a load to be distributed unevenly, straining a child's body in a harmful way.

"Children's bodies are still developing, so they're very vulnerable to injuries sustained from heavy or incorrectly worn backpacks," Dr. Nailah Smith explained. "When those injuries are left unaddressed, they can lead to a lifetime of pain. We hope that with sound education about proper backpack use and, when necessary, timely treatment for injuries, we can help prevent unnecessary suffering."

During a Backpack Safety Check, parents and their children can learn how to select an appropriate backpack: one that's the right size, has wide, adjustable, padded shoulder straps, a padded back and multiple compartments. They can also learn how to avoid injury by distributing the weight evenly and adjusting the straps for size, as well as always using both shoulder straps.

A complimentary spinal check can reveal any musculoskeletal misalignment or other injury that might be causing a child pain or distress. If necessary, Dr. Smith can then recommend treatment options—including chiropractic and physiotherapy exercises—to treat alignment problems and strengthen the muscles surrounding an injury.

Parents who are interested in how the Backpack Safety Check and complimentary spinal assessment can help their children are invited to call the clinic at 770-733-1381 for more information.

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