Skocik Chiropractic to Employ New Knowledge Gained From Harvard Seminar Attendance

HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Albert Skocik of Skocik Chiropractic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, recently attended a Harvard seminar to gain new information on common conditions and problems currently underserved in both traditional and chiropractic medicine. Dr. Skocik believes that the new knowledge and understanding he brings home from the seminar will help many people in the Harrisburg community. Some are current patients and others aren't yet being treated for their conditions. The Seminar, entitled Neuropathy for the Non-Neurologist, took place June 21-24, 2015, in Kennebunk, Massachusetts, at the Colony Hotel.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's own Dr. Albert Skocik of Skocik Chiropractic attended an important seminar presented by Harvard Medical School's Department for Continuing Education at the Colony Hotel in Kennebunk, Massachusetts, in June of 2015. This presentation, called "Neuropathy for the Non-Neurologist" was presented by Dr. M.A. Samuels who is a neurologist, a Harvard Professor, and Chair of Neurology for Brigham and Women's Hospital.

"This was an incredible learning opportunity for me and my practice," says Dr. Skocik, "but among the most important information I was able to bring home from this experience is the knowledge that headaches are not always diagnosed properly. Especially when considering that it takes three years, on average, to diagnose cluster headaches, which are the most debilitating types of headaches for people."

Another important lesson Dr. Skocik learned at the seminar concerns dizziness. There are four different types of dizziness classifications and the average person experiences one and a half of these types of dizziness. Most treatments, though, only address one of the types of dizziness without ever addressing the other type of dizziness.

What does the seminar mean for Skocik Chiropractic? Ultimately it gives Dr. Skocik new knowledge and information to work with so that he can address health concerns and conditions that are currently underserved or unaddressed in many medical settings.

Dr. Skocik wants patients to know how important it is to remain diligent in their efforts to seek relief from health conditions. The seminar introduced a cluster headache study that discussed how long it takes to properly diagnose cluster headaches so proper treatments can begin. One instance was diagnosed within one week of symptoms beginning while another took 48 years from the onset of symptoms to diagnose. "This is a condition that will not simply go away on its own," warns Dr. Skocik. "People suffering from these types of headaches must seek help consistently until they get relief from their pain."

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