Total Eyecare Announces Back to School Specials

ELKO, Nev., Aug. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Total Eyecare of Elko, Nevada, recently announced a back to school special for the month of August. This special extends to all school-aged children from those entering kindergarten to those entering their senior year of high school, though it is not available with all insurance plans. The specials include discounted Optomap retinal scans and discounted eyeglasses. People interested in taking advantage of the generous discounts are encouraged to call to schedule appointments before the back to school rush kicks in.

Total Eyecare of Elko, Nevada, is excited to announce its latest back to school specials. These specials include a discounted Optomap retinal scan that is now $25 rather than the regular price of $34 and a 20 percent discount on glasses. These discounts are not available with some insurance plans, however.

"August is the perfect time of the year for a special like this," says Dr. Robert A. Colon, optometrist at Total Eyecare. "We want children going back to school to have the best chances for success and that involves giving students the tools to succeed."

Dr. Colon considers the right prescription eyeglasses to be as much a priority for parents with students preparing for school as the school supplies parents purchase every year, saying: "The right eyeglass prescription helps children see the teacher, see the board, read their books and see questions on tests more clearly giving them the ability to make the grade all year long."

While it is true that children's eyes can and do change throughout the year, getting in the habit of having their eyes checked before the beginning of the school year places them in prime position to experience less eye strain throughout the year and establishes positive habits that will last a lifetime.

All doctors at Total Eyecare are experienced in working with children and the specialized eye health needs children face making them an ideal choice for critical eye care and eye wear decisions as students begin the school year.

August is a busy time of the year in the eye care profession. Parents interested in taking advantage of Total Eyecare's back to school specials are encouraged to schedule their appointments now before school is back in session. Contact Total Eyecare by visiting their website or by calling (775) 738-8491 to schedule an appointment today. This is also a great time to ask any questions about insurance concerns or coverage as well.

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