This tiny device can hack a car's entry system

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Hacking keyless car systems and car garages just got a lot easier for thieves.

Hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar will announce "RollJam"—a gadget that easily exploits keyless radio entry systems—at the hacker conference DefCon in Las Vegas on Monday, according to Wired Magazine.

The announcement will come just weeks after security experts were able to hack into a moving car and seize control. The real surprise? The hacking device costs just $32. (Tweet This)

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RollJam, which is smaller than a cellphone, is designed to defeat "rolling codes" security systems used in most modern cars keyless entry and alarm systems and modern garage door openers, said Wired.

The hacker places the device near the target car or garage and waits for the victim to use his or her key fob. The victim will notice that the key fob didn't work on the first try, so he or she will press it again. At this time, the hacking device will have cracked the code of the wireless entry system and can now access the device at any time, Wired reported.

For the full Wired article, see here.

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