‘Britain’s only desert’ is up for sale for $2.3M

For the country where it always rains, it may seem bizarre to many that the U.K. even has a desert, let alone that it's up for sale.

For only £1.5 million ($2.3 million), property buyers can get their hands on Dungeness Estate, a 468-acre secluded shingly stretch of coastal headland, that's been described by the real estate agent Strutt & Parker as "Britain's only desert."

Credit: Strutt & Parker

Situated on England's south-east coast, the sale offers 22 properties, including small houses converted from railway carriages. The surrounding views include desolate beautiful coastal views, a lighthouse and Dungeness' nuclear power station.

Describing it as one of Britain's most "spectacular landscapes," Mark McAndrew, head of Strutt & Parker's estate and farm sales department, said in a statement that there area is unique and will attract a lot of interest.

"It has considerable potential for increased income from tourism on top of the substantial income it already produces. We believe it will attract a range of investors as well as conservation bodies."

McAndrew added that it was an "outstanding investment opportunity" that was likely to impress many, including those who live outside the country.

Credit: Strutt & Parker

The Dungeness Estate is currently owned by a family trust, created by the late Mr G T Paine, back in 1964. The landscape has been a gem to many, with around 1 million tourists venturing to see the landscape and the 600 plant species it inhabits, each year.

If that still doesn't bring in buyers, the estate generates over £130,000 annually in income, due to a number of leases and licenses, including commercial fishing and photography agreements.

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However, anyone expecting camels and the odd oasis will be disappointed: a spokesperson for the U.K.'s Met Office, the national weather forecasting body, told CNBC over the phone, that the region in no way could be categorized as a desert.

"Nothing exists (like that) in the U.K., you have to have very little rainfall and extreme temperature which are two things that would typify a desert environment, and we don't have that in U.K.. The Dungeness area actually gets around 700 millimeters of rainfall a year, which is far in excess of what's expected in a desert environment."

Credit: Strutt & Parker

One of Dungeness Estate's trustees, Maurice Ede, agreed with McAndrew, having said the estate is "unlike any other part" of the U.K., but added it will be sad to see it sold.

"It is often said that this distinctive and undisturbed landscape is unlike any other part of the United Kingdom. I have known it intimately for 40 years and never fail to be moved by it on my regular visits," Ede said in a statement.

The estate may be familiar to some music enthusiasts, for its scenery has featured on numerous music videos, and was famously photographed for Pink Floyd's album 1981 cover of "A Collection of Great Dance Songs."

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—By CNBC's Alexandra Gibbs, follow her on Twitter @AlexGibbsy.